Onychomycosis or fungal nail infection is a disease caused by fungal infection of the nail and is an extremely common disorder.

Onychomycosis is very common and becomes increasingly common with increased age and in some associated conditions such as diabetes and psoriasis. Across Europe there is a 3-8% incidence with even higher levels in Asia. Onychomycosis can affect up to 90% of people aged over 70 years. The nails in patients with onychomycosis become thickened, discolored, disfigured and often split. This can cause physical as well as psychological distress.

Current treatments for onychomycosis are poor. Oral medications either do not work very well or have potentially serious (even life threatening) side effects. Whereas even the best topical treatments have long treatment times (typically at least a year) with poor cure rates and high levels of relapse.

Blueberry is developing a new nanomedicine that will cure onychomycosis in a timely and effective fashion. Our aim is to match the cure rates of the most effective oral therapies in a topical medicine without the safety concerns associated with systemic exposure in oral treatment.

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