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We are currently applying the latest developments in complex nanotechnology to develop more effective, safer, and easier to use topical treatments for a range of common dermatological conditions.

Topical treatments for dermatological conditions are often hindered by an inability of the active drug to cross the physical barrier of the skin or nail. To address this problem, our unique drug formulations use a nanopolymer called Nanocin™, which when mixed with the active drug under the right conditions, forms complexes that then aggregate into nanoparticles, enabling enhanced delivery through the skin or nail.

Using this technology lets Blueberry develop new therapies against common dermatological diseases to overcome the limitations of some current therapies. Complex formulations can improve drug solubility and delivery, leading to improved drug efficacy. Improved delivery also provides the potential to use reduced doses of active drug, meaning that these treatments may also have better safety and tolerability profiles for patients.

For example, in BB2603, our investigational product for the treatment of fungal nail infection (onychomycosis), we formulate the established antifungal agent terbinafine with Nanocin™ to form a unique nanomedicine. When applied topically, simple formulations of terbinafine are unable to effectively get through the nail to the site of infection as the drug is very lipophilic. The nanoparticles of terbinafine in our formulation effectively increase the water solubility of terbinafine, increasing its permeation into and through the nail to the site of fungal infection. The BB2603 nanoparticles are also charged, and so when a patient applies BB2603 onto their infected nail, the nanoparticles stick to the nail, further enhancing the delivery of the drug.

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