Blueberry has now gained regulatory and ethical approval to run its first clinical trial using its novel nanoparticle delivered spray formulation to rapidly treat onychomycosis (OM) and associated tinea pedis (TP). We plan to start the trial early March.

Dr John Ridden the CEO of Blueberry commented ‘This is an exciting time for Blueberry – the combination of an experienced enthusiastic team, a supportive group of investors and state of the art facilities have allowed us to create what we hope will be an exciting new medicine to treat fungal infection of skin and nails. If this trial is successful Blueberry plans to run a Phase III Clinical trial in the US in onychomycosis.

 Dr Mike Davies, Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder of Blueberry Therapeutics says “This is exciting news and is a major milestone for Blueberry after the tremendous work done by the Blueberry team. We eagerly await the preliminary results in Summer that will feed into our IND in the US. Thank you to everybody who has been involved in the development of this unique product”.