The Blueberry Clinical Team, consisting of Dr Mike Davies, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, Mark Sidaway, Clinical Project Manager and Jane Davies, Senior CRA, held their site initiation visit (SIV) at the Parexel Early Phase Clinical Unit in Berlin, Germany on Wednesday 8 March 2017.  This is in preparation for Blueberry’s first clinical trial with our novel, topical spray formulation of terbinafine to treat onychomycosis and associated tinea pedis.  This first trial of BB2603 will look at the safety, local toleration, systemic and local pharmacokinetics as well as efficacy in the chronic and frequently recurrent conditions of onychomycosis and tinea pedis.  Onychomycosis is currently treated with either oral antifungals (that have safety and systemic toleration issues), or topically applied antifungals and other medicines that show a very low efficacy.

The first trial of BB2603 is predicted to start in the coming weeks and will deliver primary and secondary endpoints, reading out mid 2017.


Experts examining how to take nail samples

Dr. med. Rainard Fuhr (Investigator) and Dr Tommaso Fadini (Co-Investigator) examine the nail sampling instrumentation









Experts reviewing the contents of Blueberry's allocated cupboard at Paraxel

Examining the contents of the Blueberry cupboard at the Parexel EPCU









Clinical Research nurse in the Blueberry clinic room for BB2603The Blueberry BB2603 clinic room








Team photo

Jane Davies (Snr CRA), Dr. med. Rainard Fuhr (Investigator), Mark Sidaway (CPM),  Dr Tommaso Fadini (Co-Investigator) and Sabine Klein-Haggerty (SCRC) at the SIV (photo by Dr Mike Davies)