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Acne is a very common skin complaint that affects over 90% of individuals during their lifetime.

The disorder is most common in people aged 15-25 years. The symptoms of acne include  “blackheads”, “whiteheads” and inflamed  spots, usually on the face or back. These are formed when excess sebaceous secretion in a hair follicle causes it to become blocked. Spots may then become infected by bacteria, leading to them to develop into inflammed cysts and pustules. Acne symptoms range from mild, only a few spots, to severe cases with many deep, inflammed and infected spots that may result in permanent scarring.

Blueberry is developing two new treatments for all forms of acne based upon our nanomedicine platform. The first is a safe, effective, anti-bacterial face wash suitable for regular use which will also reduce the inflammation. The second is a formulation of a biologic to form a clinically proven over the counter cream that combines both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

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