Blueberry Therapeutics have unique nanopolymer drug delivery technology which opens up huge opportunities to rapidly develop new medicines and helps us find ways to treat infection & inflammation.


Blueberry is committed to the development of innovative therapies to treat diseases where infection and inflammation are major factors.

(Athlete’s Foot)
(Fungal Nail)


We use cutting-edge nano polymer drug delivery technology to exploit both small molecule and biologic approaches to developing treatments.


Blueberry Therapeutics raises £3M to progress the development of its lead topical antifungal

Blueberry Therapeutics today announced that it has raised £3 million to progress the development of its topical fungal infection therapies into human clinical trials. The […]

HRH Duke of York visits Blueberry’s laboratories

Blueberry was delighted to host HRH the Duke of York on Tuesday the 2nd of February when he visited our laboratories during a visit […]

DAVOS 2016: Final Declaration by the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Diagnostics Industries on Combating Antimicrobial Resistance published

Blueberry Therapeutics Ltd are amongst 80 co-signatories on a declaration at the World Economic Forum in Davos committing to working together to solve the growing […]